Johnny Sugar Macaron’s


Available in six and twelve packs.

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Unlike the coconut cookie most Americans grew up knowing as a macaroon, Johnny Sugar’s French macarons are small, plump, sandwich-like confections that are intensely flavorful. Each one is made individually. The outer pieces are a baked meringue of egg whites, almond meal, and sugar. Bite into this meringue and you feel a gentle crunch, followed by a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Then you reach the intensely flavorful filling—Strawberry with apple cider, raspberry confit, hazelnut praline, and more. The different flavors are striking and clean. Our macarons are not brightly colored like some on the market, because all the coloration comes from natural vegetable extracts. Some are decorated with a garnish or a painted flourish. Each one is individual; these are not mass produced. All flavors are gluten free.